Galacteane™ is a complex of red algae: Palmaria palmata and Chondrus crispus. The red alga Palmaria palmata with bright ruby color is mainly found near the Brittany coast. Also named Dulse in reference to « Dulce » for its soft and silky appearance.

The ruby alga for beautiful hair

  • Algae
  • Watersoluble
  • Anti-pollution
  • Damage & Split Ends
  • Repairing & Strengthening

• Sourcing: alga
• Cosmos
• Preservative free
• China compliant

Active molecule

Sulfated galactans

Mechanism of action


• Binds to hair proteins such as keratin to provide a protective film on the hair fiber

Clinical efficacy


• -98% pollution removal (hair detox)
• +27% hair scales more joined
• +22% edge of hair scales more regular

Conditioning & anti-pollution

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