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Founded in 2014, ODYCEA is nestled within the enchanting landscape of Lannion Technopole, situated on the idyllic northern coast of Brittany, France. This location grants ODYCEA access to a mesmerizing prehistoric coastline adorned with France’s most ancient rock formations. These legendary landscapes, sculpted over 300 million years ago by ancient magma flows, showcase colossal pink granite formations that have continued to evolve under the relentless embrace of the sea. Just off the coast, the Seven Islands form a pristine archipelago, renowned as one of France’s oldest nature reserves. Over a century of dedicated conservation has preserved this unspoiled haven, nurturing a remarkable biodiversity of native plants and seaweed species, while providing a sanctuary for majestic grey seals and seabirds.

A family passion

As a young man driven by a profound passion for the intricacies of algae and plants, Xavier Briand emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of cutting-edge active ingredients for the cosmetics industry. Armed with a dual PhD in fine chemistry and plant physiology, Xavier’s journey led him to play a pivotal role in establishing the Center for the Study and Development of Algae (CEVA) in Pleubian, Côtes d’Armor. Remarkably, he assumed the helm of all research programs at a mere 24 years of age, showcasing an extraordinary commitment to the field.

By the age of 29, deeply convinced of the immense potential of marine active ingredients in the cosmetics arena, Xavier ventured into the Roullier Group, where he established the subsidiary Biotechmarines. Serving as its CEO for an impressive 25 years, he steered the company’s course until its acquisition by the Air Liquide Group in 2013.

In heartfelt tribute to her father’s remarkable legacy, Fidji Briand embarked on a mission to follow in his footsteps and perpetuate his unparalleled expertise. Armed with a dual master’s degree from Grenoble Business School, encompassing a Master’s in Management and specialized expertise in the management of luxury brands, fashion, and design, Fidji’s professional journey unfolded with collaborations alongside international giants like LVMH, L’Oréal, and Clarins.

Driven by a fervent commitment to innovation in bioactive substances for cosmetics, she embarked on her entrepreneurial path, birthing the visionary venture known as Odycea.


Living between land and sea, observing the hundreds of plant species in the family botanical garden and unlocking the secret of algae with my father are part of my childhood memories. Inhabited by this passion for nature, ODYCEA brought us together and I experienced the most beautiful moments of sharing in my career. However in 2021, Xavier Briand passed away suddenly .

“Dad, thank you for your kindness, smile and genius. We treasure every learning experience you gave us and we promise to work hard to continue your vision. Infinite love.”

Xavier Briand (1959 - 2021)

Lover of nature

Xavier Briand was born in the small town of Paimpol, in Brittany, on January 2, 1959. From his earliest childhood, he developed a deep love for the infinite work of nature. Every day, he liked to take refuge there to observe the kingdom of life. The variety of bird species and local flora awakened and filled his senses. This fascination led him to compose his first herbariums. As a lover of the sea, he also started diving at a very early age in one of the richest marine fields anywhere with the Bréhat Archipelago and the pink granit coast, which contains more than 800 species of brown, green and red seaweed.


In search of wild spaces to explore, Xavier Briand travels the world throughout his career. Seas, lakes, mountains, forests, moors, it is in the most hostile or singular ecosystems that he is passionate about Plant Science with the objective to discover specimens with unique characteristics. During his expeditions, he illustrates all his research work with numerous photographs and films. At the same time, he also set up an open-sky laboratory made of treasures of the vegetal world in its own garden. He will thus give the plant a central role and never stopped studying and unlocking its most sophisticated behaviors.


His vision of bio-inspiration, initiated nearly 35 years ago, is incredibly relevant today. Struck by the great number of analogies which exist between skin tissue and plant/algal tissue, Xavier Briand was already inspired by the intelligence of nature to innovate in respect of the environment.

He owes his success to his instinct and visionary spirit.


After a double PhD in Fine Chemistry and Plant Physiology and only 24 years old, Xavier Briand participated in the creation of the Center for the Study and Development of Algae (CEVA) in Pleubian (Côtes d’Armor). He was in charge of all the research programs for 5 years.


At the age of 29, he joined the Roullier Group and created the subsidiary Biotechmarine. Biotechmarine have developed a new industry based on a sharper knowledge of seaweed chemistry. The Blue Cosmetic has been moving from the myth to the scientific reality, being in keeping with the duration as one of the spearhead of the new care and preventing cosmetic. Then, those seaweed being till the 90’s mainly turned toward a specifically marketing finality, have seen their activity evolving towards a true definition of effectiveness. Seaweed went out of its micromarket and from now on takes part, thanks to the performance of its molecules, among the original and prime raw materials used by the greatest trademarks of the international cosmetic.

Xavier Briand was CEO of Biotechmarine until its acquisition by the Air Liquide Group in 2013. He left the Roullier Group in early 2020 to join ODYCEA.

ODYCEA draws its inspiration from the heart of plant intelligence by unlocking the secrets of living organisms and of this mysterious nature at the roots of life. The natural substances identified have new and innovative properties or original mechanisms of action. Their effectiveness is scientifically proven. This innovation is intended for the Research and Development departments of french and international cosmetic laboratories.

Phytochemical exploration

Through close partnerships with public research organizations and leading specialists, ODYCEA aims to identify biologically active fractions or substances in plants and to harness their power using green chemistry extraction processes.

This research for active ingredients is based on plant species from unique or extreme ecosystems. Substances are then characterized using advanced chromatographic coupling techniques with mass spectrometry (LC-MS or GC-MS) or nuclear paramagnetic resonance (NMR). Once the pharmacological profile of the active molecules is established, we select only the species with the highest potential to act on the cutaneous metabolism.

Pharmacological exploration

In close collaboration with leading experts, ODYCEA draws upon the latest technological advances in molecular biology, genomics and proteomics. This is combined with our own in depth study, exploring biological skin mechanisms to validate originality and efficacy. We carry out cellular or tissue studies using microscopy, flow cytometry, biochemistry, immunostaining and histology techniques.

This research makes it possible to characterize the pharmacological profile and the mechanism of action of these active substances as well as to identify new dermatological targets.

Skin intelligence

ODYCEA draws upon the latest technological advances in molecular biology, genomics and proteomics. We also partners with leading laboratories in the field of dermatological research whose expertise is unrivaled in the industry. We use the latest innovations in hi-tech equipment, particularly in the fields of imaging, biometrics and skin bio-engineering to validate the efficacy of our actives, including clinical scoring as appropriate.

Our main research areas include: well aging, multi-light protection, the influence of environmental stresses, cutaneous structure, abnormalities in barrier function, sebaceous hypersecretion, inflammation, neurobiology and pigmentation.