ODYCEA production laboratory (certified ISO 9001) prides itself on the development processes and technologies in the field of eco-extraction. We harness advanced Green Chemistry principles and use bio-based solvents to produce a wide range of high-quality plant based ingredients.

This unique approach means we can offer potent natural actives the majority of which are COSMOS certified and approved for use in China.

High performance and safety

In our search for the most active plant extracts ODYCEA works with a network of sustainable local harvesters and farmers to scour the exceptional ecosystems on our doorstep, seeking plants living in extreme environments. We then bring together the best experts in the fields of chemistry, biology and dermatology to investigate new mechanisms of action and new dermatological targets. All ODYCEA discoveries are validated by rigorous scientific experiments that pave the way for innovation by cosmetics laboratories. In our quest for new actives, safety is our top priority. ODYCEA products go through a rigorous assessment process including thorough toxicological testing to ensure product safety.

Traceability and quality

ODYCEA quality control laboratory adheres to ISO 9001 and thoroughly checks product characteristics throughout the process. We implement the highest standard of control procedures to guarantee the safety, efficacy and consistency of each production batch. We work closely with a number of carefully selected partners to ensure traceability of all our raw materials and finished products.